St. John Paul II Catholic School


at St. Matthew’s Catholic Community

1000 Butler Spaeth

Gillette, WY  82716

307-686-4114   fax 307-682-6386




2017-2018      Parent - Student  Handbook


Melanie Sylte--------------------------Principal

Fr. Cliff Jacobson---------------------------Pastor

Fr. Augustine Carrillo---------Associate Pastor

Mary Jean Penner-------------School Secretary

Kandis Ford------------Administrative Assistant

           Rosie Rye------------------------   Prekindergarten

Kelley Renken---------------------Preschool Aide

Lyndee Christopherson---------Prekindergarten

 Haley Neumann--------------------Preschool Aide

Jeanie Martin-------------------Preschool Teacher

Allison Carsrud---------------------Preschool Aide

 Bobbi Garcia----------------------Classroom Aide

Casie Konrad--------------------------Kindergarten

Lisa Clark------------------------------Kindergarten

Amber Wagner--------------------------First Grade

Nicole Anderson--------------------Second Grade

Drew Reddon-------------------------Second Grade

Amy Fulton-------------------------------Third Grade

Vanessa Gemar-------------------------Third Grade

Jenni Bridges --------------------------Fourth Grade

Gail Lasham-----------------------Fourth/Fifth Grade

Joni Brisson-----------------------Fourth/Fifth Grade

Cathy Schroeder-------------------------- Fifth Grade

Sarah Hummel-----------------Sixth/Seventh Grade

Paul Casey----------------------Sixth/Seventh Grade

Joni Brisson-------------------------------------Stem Lab

Gail Lasham--------------------------------------Stem Lab

Penny Timmer---------------------------------Lunch Lady

Brittney Crow-----------------------Physical Education

Dinah Richardson----------------------Music Education

Marisol Martinez---------------------Spanish Education

Lindsey Kintz-------------------------------Art Education

Kelci Luken ------------------------------------------Library

Samantha Heimer ------------------------------------Title I

Selena Potter--------------------------------Sunrise Club

Vicky Graham--------------------------------Sunset Club


“The future starts today, not tomorrow.”   St. John Paul II



St. John Paul II Catholic School Mission Statement…          In unity with St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, St. John Paul II Catholic School is committed to fostering a strong Catholic foundation of faith, family, community and academics in a Christ-centered environment.



St. John Paul II Catholic School Vision Statement…          Catholic education is an explicit expression of the evangelizing mission entrusted by Jesus to His Church.  Our mission at St. John Paul II Catholic School at St. Matthew’s is:

·         to teach the message of Jesus Christ through prayer, word, and example;

·         to promote self-confidence, moral and spiritual values, enabling the student to reach full awareness of their God-given talents;

·         to build within the parish setting a strong community based on Christian faith and service;

·         to provide a structured and enriched educational program in an atmosphere that empowers students to achieve their potential as children of God who impact the local and global community.

This process is enhanced by parents, staff, teachers and administrators whose lives are modeled on Gospel values as they teach, serve and build community as Jesus did.



Parent/School Communication…          School information is sent to you via e-mail.  Weekly announcements will be e-mailed the first day of the week.  If you need a paper copy, please ask at the office.  Notify the office right away if any of your information changes.


School Visitors…          Everyone entering the building must sign in at the office and get a visitor badge.  Everyone must sign out at the time of departure.  All parents are welcome to visit the school.  Only service/seeing eye dogs are allowed in the building.  Please ask the Principal, prior to bringing in other dogs, cats, or pets.


School Volunteers…          All school volunteers must have a diocesan background check and Safe Environment Training to work in the classrooms or with students.   Please ask for these at the school office.



Attendance Policies…          Arriving on time and daily attendance at school is fundamental to success in education.  We begin our day with convocation.  Please do not schedule appointments during this time or during the school day.    The school day for students is as follows:

8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. (regular day)

8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. (early release day)



Direct School Telephone Line is 686-4114…          School office hours are from 7:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.  Please use this line for all school matters.  After hours mailbox service is available.


If your child is absent for any reason please call St.JPIICS at 686-4114 or e-mail  as early as possible and no later than 8:30 a.m. so staff know that your child is safe. 

Always let those in the office know if your child will be absent, even if you have notified the teacher.  Teachers will monitor for excessive absences and refer to the Principal if necessary.



Tardies          Students are counted tardy if they enter school between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m.  Parents need to sign in their student at the office.  The student will obtain a tardy slip to take to their teacher. It is very important that you or your child let the office know if your child is eating hot lunch or cold that day and the next.  Teachers concerned with excessive tardies (5 tardies per quarter) will contact the parents to resolve the problem.  If the situation is not resolved and the student receives 7 tardies, the parent and student will meet with the Principal to further evaluate the circumstances. 


Taking Students from School…          Teachers shall not release any student from the classroom without authorization from the office.  All students need to be checked out and into the building at the office by their parent, including the students in the modular classrooms.  Students will remain in the school until their parent/ride is in the building to sign them out at the office. 



Sunrise/Sunset Club…          We offer childcare before and after school at Newell Hall, next to the school.  Sign up at the office.

Hours of operation:  Morning (Sunrise) session:  6:30 a.m. -  8:30 a.m.  Afternoon session (Sunset):  3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.  

Pre-registration is required along with a yearly $25.00/per family per year non-refundable fee.  There are two options: 

·         #1  Drop-In Punch cards, are good for morning or afternoon use, have no expiration date, and are fully transferrable between siblings.

·         #2  Monthly Pre-pay Cards, are non-transferable and non-refundable.


Early Morning Arrival…          Do not drop off any students off before 7:45 a.m.  If students need to be dropped off before 7:45 a.m., you may enroll them in the Sunrise/Sunset Program.


School Closings/Disaster…          If the school must be closed, we will make an announcement on local radio stations.  We close our school if Campbell County Schools are closing because of inclement weather.  We will also have a delayed start to the day if CCSD does.  Make sure that your emergency information is current in the office.  You can follow school closures using Facebook. An email will also be sent out via Teacher Ease.


Parking---Dropping off Students/ Picking up Students…          Please enter the driveway on Elon Street (by the gym/chapel).  Follow the one way drive to drop off and pick up your child(ren).  Please move as soon as you can and follow the one way drive to the exit out to Elon Street.  Do not park and get out of your car near the front door.  If you need to assist your child out of the car, park in the parking lot and escort your child to the playground in the morning.  After school, parents may wait quietly for their child to be dismissed in the gathering area of the Family Life Center/school, and then escort their child to their car.  Please use extreme caution when dropping off or picking up your child.  Do not park at the curb and then enter the building!  Please Go Slow!


Tuition…          Tuition payments will be made through SMART Tuition unless other arrangements are made at the St.JPIICS school office.  Please keep up your payments to avoid late charges.  Our School Leadership Team will contact you if your tuition balance is not kept current.  At the end of the first quarter, 1/4th of the year’s tuition must be paid.  At semester, 1/2 of the year’s tuition must be paid.  At the end of the third quarter, 1/3rd of the tuition must be paid.  At the end of year, all tuition must be paid for the year, (according to your payment plan).  Delinquency of tuition may result in dismissal of your child from St.JPIICS unless other arrangements are made with the School Leadership Team.


Curriculum…          St. John Paul II Catholic School abides by mandated state regulations at all levels.  Our goal is to provide an academically challenging environment for all students and to develop a sense of Christian awareness in all curricular areas.  St. John Paul II Catholic School provides religion classes at all grade levels, based on the established dogma and teachings of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  Classes stress the development of Christian ethical and moral values.  All students, regardless of their private religious beliefs, are required to participate.  Spanish, Music, Art, and Physical Education are also taught at all grade levels.  Teachers incorporate the use of technology daily.  The Library is an integral part of our school. 


Title I Services...          We provide Title I Services and have access to the Title I Resource Center in the Ready for Learning Building.  Materials are available there for parents to supplement their child’s education at home.  Interested parents should contact Anita at the Ready for Learning Building.   


Medication…          WE RECOMMEND THAT ALL MEDICATIONS BE ADMINISTERED AT HOME.  Antibiotics to be given three times a day can be given at home, when your child wakes, returns from school, and at bedtime. Students may not keep any medication on their person, in their backpack or purse or in their locker. 


*Medication cannot be administered by school personnel unless requested in writing by the child’s parent, guardian or physician.  If a student must have medication of any type during school hours, the following procedure must be followed:

1.       A Request for Administration of Medication Form through the school office must be completed by the parent or legal guardian prior to the dispensing of any medication.*

2.       Parents of students taking medication prescribed by a physician must present the medication in its original container to the school office with the required signed form.

3.       Parents of students taking over the counter medication must present the medication in the manufacturer’s original container to the office with the required signed medication administration form.


Medical and Infectious Disease Precautions…          The school reserves the right to close to halt the spread of any infectious diseases.  We would follow CDC recommendations for the prevention of any pandemic. Missed school days would be added to the end of the year.  Students are taught proper hand washing and coughing techniques.  Classrooms have sanitizing wipes at all times.  Doorknobs, desks, keyboards and railings are sanitized daily.  Students exhibiting illness are kept in the office until parents pick them up. 


Please keep your child at home if he/she has one of the following:

·         Diarrhea (anytime in the last 24 hours)

·         Vomiting (anytime in the last 24 hours)

·         Fever over 100.0 (anytime in the last 24 hours)

·         Pink Eye (until on antibiotics for 24 hours)

·         Head Lice (Please report to teacher, principal, or school office)


Lunch Program…          St. John Paul II Catholic School offers a hot lunch every day.  Meals are on contract from Campbell County School District.  All children have a lunch account.  Bring money to the school office or send lunch money in an envelope with your child.  Please clearly label the envelope with your child’s name, grade and lunch money on the outside of the envelope.  Make checks out to “St. John Paul II Catholic School.”  Write “lunch” and your child’s name on the memo line of your check.  If you would like to apply for free or reduced lunches, forms are sent home the first day of school and are available any time at the office.  You will be notified by e-mail of a negative lunch balance.  If your child’s balance falls below -$15.00, you will be called to bring a cold lunch and money for your child’s lunch account.  No further lunch charges will be allowed.



Lunch prices 2017-2018…        Student:  $3.00

                                                      Adult:      $4.00

                                                       Milk:        $ .50


The next month’s lunch calendar, with the month’s menu, will be posted in TeacherEase.  Please decide with your students at least one day ahead, if they will be having hot lunch or bringing a cold lunch AND STICK TO THAT CHOICE.  Your student must pre-order a hot lunch so there is a hot lunch waiting for them the next day.  Do not order a hot lunch and then bring a cold lunch.  Your child’s lunch account will be charged for that pre-ordered hot lunch.  Children can charge a carton of milk to their hot lunch account (preferred) or bring fifty cents to pay for it.  Milk does not need to be preordered.  All parents are invited to eat lunch with their child.  If you are planning to eat hot lunch, please notify the office the morning before you plan to eat with your child and by 9:00 AM. 

Please keep cold lunches healthy.  Students are not allowed to bring pop to school except for class parties. 



Grading…          *Report cards are issued quarterly to keep parents appraised of their child’s achievements.  Grades are based on the student’s daily performance, class work, homework, quizzes, tests, projects, reports and class participation. 

GRADING SCALE 3rd – 7th Grade:           Kindergarten, First Grade, & Second Grade:

98-100 = A+                                                           1 - Needs Assistance                        

93-97   = A                                                             2 – Progressing                                                   

90-92   = A-                                                           3 - Meets Expectations     

88-89   = B+                                                           4 – Exceeds Expectations                                 

83-87   = B                                                                                                                                           

80-82   = B-                                                   Grading Scale for Specials:                          Report Cards are issued 4 x’s per year.               

78-79   = C+                                                           with S, S-, N, or I.

73-77   = C                                                             S= Satisfactory                                                     

70-72   = C-                                                            S-= With help

68-69   = D+                                                          N= Needs improvement

63-67   = D                                                             I = Incomplete

60-62   = D-                                                           *It may be possible these will

59 and below =F                                                   change to other letters or symbols.


Homework…          Homework is assigned as a reinforcement or extension of the daily program.   This may not include the daily required reading.

Kindergarten:  15 minutes,  Monday - Thursday

Grades 1st & 2nd:  30 minutes,  Monday - Thursday

Grade 3rd:  45 minutes,  Monday - Thursday

Grades 4th – 7th:  45-60 minutes,  Monday -  Thursday



Parent/Teacher Conferences…          Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held at the end of the first quarter.  Conferences at other times should be scheduled with the teacher. 


Concerns…          St. John Paul II Catholic School partners with parents to provide the best educational and religious experience for their child(ren).  If you have any concerns during the course of the school year, please visit with the classroom teacher immediately.  If the issue is unresolved, please set up an appointment with the Principal.  If there are still concerns, please feel free to contact the Pastor.



Make-Up Work…          Students have two school days for each day absent to turn in make-up work.  If work is not turned in within this time, a failing grade will be given.  This applies to excused and unexcused absences.  The school discourages family vacations during regular school time.  Please let the school know 10 days in advance or as soon as possible if the student will be gone for an extended period of time.  Your child will be expected to catch up when they return.  Medical and dental appointments should be made outside of school hours. 


Homework Club…          Students not completing their homework or needing extra time to work on homework can attend Home Work Club.  Students must be referred by their classroom teacher to participate. 



Angel Hours…          Volunteers enrich the life of our school and our parish.  We expect our staff and parents to model the volunteer spirit for our students.  In order to keep expenses down, we ask parents to donate volunteer hours.  All Day Pre-Kindergarten parents and Kindergarten through – 7th grade parents volunteer 20 hours, and Preschool parents volunteer 5 hours over the course of the school year.  Volunteering throughout the parish ministries also counts.  Hours may be turned into the school office at any time (weekly or monthly).  These need to be fulfilled in a timely manner. A quarter of the hours should be fulfilled by the end of the first quarter.  Half the hours should be completed by semester time.  By the end of the third quarter, three fourths of the hours should be fulfilled.  Angel hour time sheets are available at the school office.  Please contact Mrs. Sylte if you have scheduling conflicts.  You may opt to pay $20.00/hour if you are unable to fulfill this obligation.  Every family must chose a fundraising committee to serve on and can sign up at our Open House or in the front office.


Home and School Organization…         All parents and teachers are expected to participate in our H.S.A.- parent and teacher organization.  Meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month at the Family Life Center (school).  This vital school organization sponsors the majority of the fundraising necessary to keep tuition costs low.  Home & School Meeting dates for the 2017-2018 school year are as follows: September 19, October 17, November 21, January 16, February 20, March 20, April 17, and May 15th.



Technology…          We have made our best efforts to ensure that your child’s time on the computer is safe.  Each student is expected to sign a comprehensive user agreement before they will be allowed to use the computers.  Students will not be on any independent online chat rooms.  Students will be supervised as they work with technology.  Students who do not comply with the rules as established and agreed to at the beginning of the year, will be expected to do the work outside of class or in written form.  



S.T.E.M. Lab…          S.T.E.M. is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  Our active learning lab program encompasses creative hands-on tasks with exciting equipment and creative software.  Through STEM education, our students learn to become problem solvers, innovators, critical thinkers, creators, and collaborators. 


MAP testing…          Tests will be administered in September, January and May.  The classroom teacher will send MAP scores home when they available.


Discipline/ Expectations…          The discipline philosophy of St. John Paul II Catholic School reflects that all students are expected to be responsible, safe, and respectful.  One of our major goals is to ensure that each student is treated with respect and dignity and also treats everyone else and their property with respect and dignity.  No child will be allowed to interfere with the education of another child.  Each teacher will create classroom rules with their students.  Non-compliant students are asked to call parents.  If necessary, meetings with students, teacher, and the Principal to devise a plan for the student to be successful.  If a resolution is not found, parents may be asked to withdraw their child from St. John Paul II Catholic School.



Dress Code…          Everyday has a specific dress code.  All Day Pre-Kindergarten through 7th grade required to be in uniform every day, with the exception of non-uniform days.  All uniform choices may be found in the French Toast catalog (available at the school office).  You may purchase from other sources as long as they appear to be the same styles and colors that are available in the French Toast catalog.  PreK through 2nd grade can wear tennis shoes on P.E. days.


Regular Days…


Boys:  Wear navy or khaki tan pants with white long or short sleeve shirts, long or short-sleeved polos in navy, white, or wine. Sweater vests in navy or wine and cardigans in navy or wine may be added.  Boys may wear navy or khaki tan shorts—basic style (see catalog) from August to October and from April to June, weather permitting.   Only St. John Paul II Catholic School logos are acceptable on any clothing.  Polos in the colors listed above with no logos are acceptable.  Only sweatshirts, hoodies and fleece jackets that are StJPIICS Spiritwear can be worn in the classroom- unless it is a non-uniform day.  Students are to wear plain black closed toe shoes or boots in grades 1 – 7th.  Socks must be worn at all times.   Snow boots can be worn if the weather dictates.  All students must bring a pair of plain white or black non-marking gym shoes for P.E. days.  These shoes need to be left at school so they are available on gym days.


Girls:              Girls:  Wear navy or khaki tan slacks, jumpers, skorts, or skirts, with long or short sleeved collared blouse, long or short sleeve polos in navy, white, or wine.  Sweater vests in navy or wine and cardigans in navy or wine may be added.  Polos in the colors listed above with no logos are acceptable.  Girls may wear navy or khaki tan shorts—basic style (see catalog) from August to October and from April to June, weather permitting.  Only sweatshirts, hoodies and fleece jackets that are StJPIICS Spiritwear can be worn in the classroom- unless it is a non-uniform day.  Girls must wear crew socks, knee-highs or tights. Leggings can be worn with matching socks in school colors.  Socks must be worn at all times.  Shoes must be closed toe.  Students are to wear plain black closed toe shoes or boots in grades 1 – 7th.  Snow boots can be worn if the weather dictates.  All students must bring a pair of plain white or black gym shoes that will not mark up the gym floor.  Please leave these shoes at school so they are available on gym days.



Dress Uniforms:  All students are required to wear the dress uniform on mass days (usually Tuesdays).  Holy days or special events may require the change of mass day for that week.  When possible, changes will be listed on the monthly calendar.


                      Girls:  Mass uniform is either a plaid jumper, skirt or skort, long or short sleeved white collared blouse and black shoes.  Girls should wear tights or may wear socks on very warm days.  The girl's crossover tie is required only with the skirt or skort.  Blouses need to be tucked into the skirt.  A sweater vest or cardigan may be added.


        Boys:  Mass uniform is navy trousers, black belt for Grades 2-7, white collared long or short sleeved shirt and tie, socks and black shoes.  Shirts must be tucked in.  A sweater vest or cardigan may be added.  Ties are the burgundy plaid available through French Toast catalog “BRGP”.  Ties need to remain on all day.


Casual Uniform Fridays:  On Fridays students can wear StJPIICS T-Shirts and sweatshirts, religious themed T-shirts and sweatshirts, jeans, and tennis shoes.  Students can also wear their school uniforms.


Non-uniform Days:     Some non-uniform days will be specific to a theme day such as, “dress as your favorite saint” or are student choice days.  Clothing and accessories should reflect the values of St. John Paul II Catholic School.



Do not wear:  flip-flops, tank tops, T-shirts with inappropriate writing, tennis shoes that turn into roller skates, jogging suits, biker/spandex shorts, short shorts (shorter than 3 inches above the knees) or temporary tattoos.  If you think you shouldn’t wear it, you shouldn’t!  Any time a student is dressed inappropriately, parents will be called to bring appropriate clothing. 



        Hairstyles…          Hairstyles must be neat and clean.  No styles with color or distractions such as Mohawks or spikes are acceptable.  Boys will not be permitted to have long hair over the ears or touching their collar.  Girl’s hair must be off their faces and out of their eyes.  Girls are allowed to wear one pair of small non-dangling earrings.  Boys may not wear earrings to school.  No makeup is allowed.  One religious pendant necklace will be allowed.



Playground…          The playground at St. John Paul II Catholic School is intended for use during school hours and the Sunrise/Sunset Program.  St.JPIICS provides supervision on the playground 15 minutes before school, during recess at midmorning, lunch and midafternoon.  It is not available after school unless supervised by a parent.



Child Abuse Laws…          St. John Paul II Catholic School abides by the Child Abuse laws of the State of Wyoming.  This law mandates that all cases of suspected abuse and/or neglect be reported to the Department of Family Services.



School Safety/Harassment…          St. John Paul II Catholic School provides a safe environment for all individuals.  Verbal or written threats made against the physical or emotional well-being of any individual are taken seriously.  Students making threats (seriously or in jest) face suspension, and/or expulsion.



School Property…          Students are to be held to high standards in caring for personal and school property.  St.JPIICS belongs to all of us so everything in it should be treated with respect.  Students who choose differently will be held financially responsible for any damages.



Weapons Policy…          Weapons are not permitted on school/church property.  Students who bring weapons to school or threaten others with weapons will be expelled from school.



Emergency Drills…          State Law requires that an emergency drill be held monthly.  During the fire drills, students should wait for directions from teachers and evacuate according to the plan that they have already practiced.

Other drills like lockdown drills and tornado drills will be practiced throughout the year.  In case of evacuation drill, St.JPIICS students will evacuate to St. Matthew’s Church.



Student Records…          The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (Buckley Amendment) provides parents and students the right of access to records and the right to request that statements be changed or deleted or that statements made by the parents or students be included in the records.  Authorized school employees have access to student records without parental consent.


Transfer of Students…          Notice of withdrawal of a student should be made by the parent in writing to the Principal in advance.  You will be responsible for the tuition per the contract agreement.  Records will be forwarded only after all fees are paid.



Lockers…          Specific classes are issued lockers or cubbies to store personal items and supplies.  Students will be allowed to go to their lockers or cubbies only at specific times during the day to minimize classroom disruptions.  Students should enter their classrooms with all necessary tools to utilize their maximum learning time.  The school reserves the right to inspect lockers or cubbies at any time.  They will not be locked.



Principal’s Lunch…          Students are expected to be responsible for good behavior at all times and in all areas of the building.  Students will be given tickets for great behavior.  They will write their name on the back of the ticket and place it in the Principal’s Lunch Container.  Every quarter the Principal will draw out names for Principal’s Lunch.  This is a special lunch for these children with the Principal.  Students are eligible to win once during the year.  Parent permission must be obtained in order to participate. 



Classroom Parties…          Classroom parties will be held for Harvest/Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.  You may sign up to help with parties with your child’s teacher.  Parties will usually be held the last 45 minutes of the day.  Check your monthly calendar for party days and times.



Gifts for Students…          Students should not exchange individual gifts at school.  This gesture can create hurt feelings.  Invitations for birthdays should be sent via U.S. Postal Service unless you plan to invite all classmates to the celebration.  Birthday treats may be brought to school with your child or dropped off at the office.  If you would like to bring in birthday treats, please arrange this with your child’s teacher.  No flowers or balloon bouquets will be delivered during class hours.  Students can pick them up after school at the office.


Gymnasium & Facility Use…          All request for gym & facility use must go through our parish Administrative Assistant, Lori Manitz, 682-3319.  You must submit all required paperwork and obtain insurance before your use of any facility.  She schedules all events in our calendar.



Right to Amend:  St. John Paul II Catholic School reserves the right to amend this Handbook. 

St. John Paul II Catholic School      Parent Code of Conduct                                                                                                                                                                              


The St. John Paul II Catholic School at St. Matthew’s Code of Conduct was developed to promote a Christian learning environment based on respect for the rights of students, teachers, and parents.  St.JPIICS strives for high academic and behavioral standards.  In order for our school to be successful, we need the full support of our parents, students, faculty and parish.  We ask that each parent read and sign this Parent’s Code of Conduct.  (Sign on Signature page)


As my child’s most important educator:

·         I will model responsibility, respect, and Christian behavior in my own speech and behavior.

·         I will speak respectfully and with kindness and courtesy to other parents in front of students, especially when there is a disagreement.

·         I will follow the school’s rules, calendars, deadlines, and expect my child to do the same, even when I may disagree.

·         I will teach my children respect for authority, for rules, for the rights of others and for public and private property.

·         I will inform the school of any special situation regarding my child’s well-being, safety, and health.

·         I will help my children develop the self-control necessary to succeed to the best of their ability. 

·         I will have my child in school on time every day with the proper attitude toward school, and necessary supplies.

·         I will help my child comply with the rules of the school concerning student conduct.

·         I will arrange for a consistent time and place for their children to complete homework assignments.

·         I will monitor my child’s telephone, computer, and television use, as well as the movies and magazines my child sees.

·         I will not tolerate vulgar, sarcastic, or catty language from my child or bullying, violent, or aggressive speech or behavior. 

·         I will stop rumors.  I will go through the proper channels when I have a problem and not air grievances or concerns  through social media.

·         I will model tolerance and understanding, and expect my child to do the same, among the personalities and different cultures at St.JPIICS.


Our teachers are most effective when they are supported by parents and the administration. Students learn best when they know what is expected of them. Parents and students both need to respect the teacher as a professional dedicated to furthering the student’s academic and spiritual progress.


·         I understand that my child’s teacher is a dedicated professional who makes many sacrifices to teach in a Catholic school.

·         In order to show my cooperation, support, and thankfulness; I will respect the teacher as a professional dedicated to furthering my student’s academic and spiritual progress.

·         I will show respect for the teacher and any other adult in authority in front of my child at all times, regardless of what I may think of their actions or say to them in private.

·         I will speak to the teacher or adult in charge before I accept my child’s version of an incident.  I know the good of all children comes before my child’s needs or wants.

·         I will try to resolve any questions or issues with the classroom teacher before contacting the Principal.

·         I will never lie to the pastor, the principal, or the teachers to protect my child from the consequences of his/her behavior.

·         I will cooperate with the school in carrying out disciplinary action.


I understand that St. John Paul II Catholic School has the right to dismiss my child(ren) from the school if their behavior or my behavior as a parent interferes with the academic learning of others.  I will recognize the value of the faith life and  will work to grow in prayer at home. I ask St. John Paul II Catholic School to assist me in forming my child as a disciple of  Jesus Christ. With the example of the Holy Family and the help of God, I will abide by this code of conduct while my child is enrolled at St. John Paul II Catholic School.





Return of this page to St.JPIICS is mandatory.



We have read the:

2017/2018 Parent/Student Handbook

& the Parent Code of Conduct

and agree to follow the school policies and procedures as stated:





Print neatly- parent’s name                    Parent Signature                                                      Date





Print neatly- parent’s name                    Parent Signature                                                      Date




_________________________________________________________________________                                                                                               Student Signature                                       Grade                         Teacher                          Date





__________________________________________________________________________                                                                                     Student Signature                                       Grade                         Teacher                          Date





__________________________________________________________________________                                                                                            Student Signature                                       Grade                         Teacher                          Date





__________________________________________________________________________                                                                                       Student Signature                                       Grade                         Teacher                          Date